March 5, 2019

IT 1109x1033

Design as a subject isn’t new to me. I have been at my current company for 10 years. Yes, it is long. But I am of the school that if you find something you like, stick with it because the unknown can be scary.

As the AVP Marketing at an IT company, I am responsible for the way we project the company to our stakeholders and also potential clients. Most folks in the leadership at IT companies are older, including myself. But the world of business is definitely getting younger blood to make decisions, and to cater to this young generation of decision makers, I realized, we need to think as they do. I am now surrounded by a group of 5 young creative minds, who are doing a brilliant job at making us look good and supporting our sales teams!

The Marketing team comprises of a content writer, an SEO manager, two UX designers, and a content manager. But our company is growing. So must our marketing efforts. Even as a team of 6 we are constantly challenged with innovation in every step of the way. Though one of our team members is a foreigner, we still need fresh ideas and designs all the time. The redundant is boring. Hiring new folks on company payroll is not a financially viable option.

Marketing can make or break your brand. When done right, there will only be winners. So we as a team brainstormed on how we could bring in new ideas and designs to make us look good every day without our messaging being redundant. It was at a scrum meeting that our team member suggested we partner with a design and content agency that would take care of our diversity of ideas dilemma. She was listed on their portal for design and animation. This was also a financially feasible option, we all agreed.

Imagine being connected with ideas and creativity from around the world, all without compromising quality and burning a huge hole in the marketing budget. WE have upped our game, by collaborating with tuDESIGNstore®. With them we have round the clock service and my team is very happy having the extra help and ideas!

A growing global company needs a global perspective. With tuDESIGNstore®, we have it. We have a designer from Egypt designing our Booth at Microsoft Ignite, a writer from Dubai writing content for our new website, and a designer from Croatia designing our Hackathon collaterals.

We are sorted and happy. And our customers have complimented us on our Marketing 2.0 version! We are being noticed and we are loving the attention. Old lads like myself are learning a great deal from our juniors.

The unknown wasn’t scary after all.

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