February 8, 2019


Four years since I graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts from a premier university, and I am already making waves!

Today as I sat taking a coffee break from a client’s work, my thoughts took me back in time to those days when I learned from real practitioners and not some text book. I can still feel the excitement I had felt then; the thought of facing the world with my passion for design was not as scary as I had imagined then.

I graduated and started marketing my services. Designing kept me busy, as I gave my creative juices a pump and thought outside of the prescribed lines. I created well-designed work for smart and rich people regardless of the company or the market.  I basically took all the work that came my way. Sometimes emulating the designers around me, following their strategies and styles but always giving my clients what they wanted. I was unique and several of my clients loved my creativity but most times it was hard when the client was fixated on speed and price as these were of more value to him. It was an unintended bummer. But considering that the customer pulls the reigns, I would often mould.  

And thus, I evolved over time.

I must confess here that I would factor in my debt payments, my lifestyle, and my rent into my fee amount. So those of my clients who were price-sensitive could be accommodated. I was mainly concerned with being given the creative freedom to make their brand look good!

Fast forward to today, the spring season of love and sweetness has begun as early as February this year. I have taken up a design assignment on a fast-growing online design store where I bagged a project for a matchmaking portal. I didn’t have to spend energy to convince the client that he would need to shell money to make money. He realizes that design is an investment not an expense and is willing to spend money if he is convinced of a good return on his investment. And lastly, he has a realistic budget. He conceded not knowing the first thing about design, and so I was allowed the creative liberty- every designers dream!

And the truth is, I am not just designing the product. I am also being given the freedom to shape the product. Of course, donning all the six thinking hats isn’t easy but given the client’s feedback I am managing quite well, and it has raised my skill set. Online collaboration and shared participation is fun, confusing, heart-stopping and yet inspiring all at the same time, because giving the client a good design is directly tied to his success and trust and in turn my success. It is a perfect world. He has a clear idea of how he would like his product to look and how it fits into his overall business objective.  Cheers to clients like him!

It is all turning out so well. Spring is here. ‘Love and sweetness’ is in the air.

– tuDESIGNstore Designer

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