July 10, 2018

I have a story to tell about my content writing skills.

More than one actually… many? Yeah, so.. that’s it then!! Why don’t I publish a book of memoirs? Since that day, I began writing quite regularly. Penning down my thoughts. One after the other. Same setting different moods, choosing my words carefully, using strong words to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, juicy words to make my writing sparkle.

I didn’t want to write just to write content. I had started writing a book, but at times, words didn’t come easy. Sometimes, I got stuck and didn’t know how to finish a story. There’s one thing though. I did not want my book to go unfinished nor was I going to quit.

Sooner or later, I too realized that the hard part is not getting my book published, but the actual writing and writing resources.

That’s when I thought of asking around and looking for some tips to move forward with completing my little project to my satisfaction. I needed someone to correct the language, eliminate the clichés, check the flow, integrate some artistic imageries supporting my story etc.

Here’s what I did. I started looking for places where I could find all the allied services online. After some research, I signed up on tuDESIGNstore. So, this helped me a ton, because I could now get the copy-writing, graphics, illustrations, cover design and editing done – all under one roof from some of their best designers! Finally things are moving in a structured manner and pretty fast at that. And, they are also going to help me find some good publishers.


Impressed! Makes me happy too!!


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