July 6, 2018

space design for indian bourgeois


I’m not a morning person… but today I decided not to snooze and lose. So, rose early and took control of my day!

Oh I tell you, rising early is so refreshing. Sipping early morning tea on the terrace. Watching the lights coming on in some homes as they get ready to start their day. Oh yes, and there.. I know this neighbor is getting his home remodeled. I was wondering if he is getting it done from a professional or designing it himself. He is an IT geek and is doing pretty good if he can afford to drive around in that swanky BMW.

 My thoughts drift away to the Indian bourgeois. India’s growth is projected to accelerate from this year’s 7.2 pc to 7.9 pc in next year. So, that would once again make India the fastest growing economy in world. But here’s what I am wondering.. how much has the transformation truly occurred in over last five decades. For one, people today live a more inviting lifestyle. But has it notched up to a level any close to hiring specialists like architects, designers, kitchen specialists, interior designers for home renovations to make their homes not just livable but also aesthetically pleasing.

 Usually, after stretching finances to buy a home, many homeowners find themselves with little left over to decorate it. But with good planning and a lot of patience it’s possible to find the time and money for all the fixes. It is also a good idea to take professional advice and hire an interior designer if you have invested quite a bit of money to buy a home. It would solve the problem of making your home look good both aesthetically and functionally.

 But, if you are busy and you don’t have time to coordinate with a traditional designer, then go for the hands-off way. It is the best-of-all approach – the budget-and-timesaving online route. All you need to do is choose a package for a flat fee per home or per room, provide space details, photographs, assert your preferences and wait to receive multiple interior designs and rounds of revisions till you get your precise style. Furthermore, the digital relationship completely breaks your creative roadblock.         

I felt caught up in the reverie for long till the sound of the plane on a sortie shook me out. The lights have gone out in the neighboring homes. Welcome sunshine! I feel completely rejuvenated as I am ready to take on my frugal Friday!

But hey, I would strongly recommend all the homeowners who are ready to welcome the digital makeover of their homes, try this online space / interior design site and get quality design ideas and shopping assistant at fraction of the price. You wouldn’t regret the indulgence of having a comrade in style @ tuDESIGNstore.


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